Social Identity Theory


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  • Social identity theory — Die Theorie der sozialen Identität wurde 1986 von Henri Tajfel und John C. Turner unter dem Titel „The social identity theory of intergroup behavior“ vorgestellt. Sie beschreibt psychologische Prozesse, die am Zustandekommen von (Inter)… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Social Dominance Theory — is a social psychological theory of group conflict which describes human society as consisting of oppressive group based hierarchical structures. According to the theory, individual people possess varying levels of preference for social dominance …   Wikipedia

  • Social judgment theory — (SJT) is a persuasion theory proposed by Muzafer Sherif and Carl Hovland (1961). OverviewArising out of the socio psychological tradition, SJT is a theory that focuses on the internal processes of an individual’s judgment with relation to a… …   Wikipedia

  • Social practice theory — is a framework for social science researchers who attempt to describe how individuals in different societies across the globe, shape and are shaped by cultural atmosphere in which they live.It attempts to articulate the ways in which identity and …   Wikipedia

  • Social identity — is a theory formed by Henri Tajfel and John Turnercite book|last=Tajfel|first=Henri|coauthors=Turner, John|title=The Social Psychology of Intergroup Relations|editor=Austin, William G.; Worchel, Stephen|publisher=Brooks Cole|location=Monterey,… …   Wikipedia

  • Social identity complexity — Social Identity Complexity: Who is We ? Given the recognition that individuals belong to multiple social groups, with multiple corresponding social identities, an important question to be addressed is how individuals combine these group… …   Wikipedia

  • Identity Theory (webzine) — Identity Theory is a webzine of literature and culture, founded by University of Florida graduate Matt Borondy, established in 2000. Identity Theory is a non profit website with substantial readership and a staff of over a dozen volunteers,… …   Wikipedia

  • Identity (social science) — Identity is an umbrella term used throughout the social sciences to describe an individual s comprehension of him or herself as a discrete, separate entity. This term, though generic, can be further specified by the disciplines of psychology and… …   Wikipedia

  • Social psychology (psychology) — Social psychology is the scientific study of how people s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by the actual, imagined, or implied presence of others (Allport, 1985). By this definition, scientific refers to the empirical method of… …   Wikipedia

  • Social representations — Social Representation Theory is a body of theory within Social Psychology, and in particular within Sociological social psychology. It has parallels in sociological theorizing such as Social Constructionism and Symbolic Interactionism, and is… …   Wikipedia

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